“What started out as a page in my book has become a chapter in my life. “

The Green PR Blog is based on my experiences, successes and challenges within the field of environmental communications/Green PR and is intended to inform, entertain and inspire you.

My aim is to not only walk and share my Green Mile with you, but to encompass my research findings with my 15 years of PR experience and provide you with the tools, principles and guidelines to not only understand what it means to be a truly environmentally responsible company but also how to communicate your green efforts effectively and successfully.

A Brief overview

As a company, @ Communications Green Public Relations was launched in 2011 and is dedicated to providing advanced public relations to organisations making positive social or environmental impact. We specialise in communicating an organisation’s corporate social responsibility or environmentally-friendly practices to the public, with the aim of building brand awareness and improving your organisation’s reputation.

As an Eco-PR, I believe that my 15 years of success in classic public relations, coupled with the extensive research and work conducted within the field of environmental communications/ Green PR, allows me to provide guidance and translate a company’s eco-activities into measurable returns as well as setting the benchmark for other PR and marketing agencies venturing into this new territory.

As an Eco-Consultant, I am qualified to audit residential homes to determine their current energy, water, waste usage as well as their current carbon footprint and to offer sustainable solutions to my clients to enable them to save costs and live sustainably.

As a Green PR Speaker, I have been invited to talk at trade, corporate and industry related events where I present the audience with an overview of Green PR and provide guidelines on how to leverage their green communications and sustainability efforts sincerely and successfully.

Welcome to my Green Journey!

Yours Greenly,