Speaker Engagements &Workshops

Speaker Engagements

Angela Barter is a thought-provoking, yet entertaining speaker, with a wealth of expertise, experience and unique insights to share. Her passion and enthusiasm for the PR profession and in particular the opportunities presented by Sustainable Communication and Green PR – a field she is pioneering locally – will add a fresh and interesting perspective to your Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Media Relations Conference, Seminar or Workshop.

She has captivated audiences with her unique perspective combining communication know-how and sustainability expertise at a number of key conferences, seminars and workshops, including being invited to speak at the World Public Relations Forum in both Spain and Canada, the PRISA Annual Conference in both JHB and Durban as well as being invited as an expert panellist at Sustainability Week and hosting, as MC, the 2013 Green Supply Chain Awards.

For more information on speaker opportunities, please contact 073 284 4432 or email angela@sustainablecommunication.co.za directly.


‘GREEN Public Relations’ WORKSHOPS

A guide to sustainable and environmental communication, the ‘GREEN Public Relations’ WORKSHOPS provides invaluable information and insights into the following key areas:

  • What is ‘green’ public relations?
  • How can ‘green’ public relations increase brand value and enhance client reputation?
  • The green audit: measure, report and disclose.
  • The green intent: implementing and walking the ‘Green Mile’.
  • Misguided claims and ‘greenwashing’.
  • Establishing objectives, defining key messages and investigating the right media focus.
  • Measuring the cost, response and impact of your eco-investment.
  • Additional insights, perspectives and opinions of key people in sustainability on what the future holds for the profession.

The ‘GREEN Public Relations’ WORKSHOPS are presented by Angela Barter CPRP, a widely-respected public relations specialist and a trailblazer spearheading the exciting world of ‘Green PR’ locally and globally.

Over and above delivering key presentations to audiences, Angela has also written a number of articles and has featured in a range of media including SABC TV, SAFM, Advantage Magazine, IT Web, Biz Magazine, Bizcommunity and many more. Angela has also contributed to the PR Handbook (Skinner) in 2014 & 2015.

Contact Angela

You can connect with Angela via LinkedIn or Twitter. Alternatively by email on angela@sustainablecommunication.co.za or using the form below.